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dhaka university admission circular 2019-20

Only those students who have fulfilled the conditions of Dhaka University from the 2014th to the 2017 Secondary and the Higher Secondary Examination of the 2019 English University can apply for admission to the University of Dhaka in 20-24. Candidates will be able to apply from 5/8/20 to 27/8/2019.

Dhaka University Apply 

The admission test for the 5th year undergraduate honors class will begin on September 1 through admission of 'C' unit in the 25-21 academic year of Dhaka University which will end on October 12 through admission of 'D' unit. Authorities have completely banned watches and pens containing electronic devices, such as calculators, mobile phones and telecommunication, in order to perform the tests properly.
Dhaka-University-Admission-Circular-www.result-jobs (2)

Dhaka-University-Admission-Circular-www.result-jobs (2)
Dhaka-University-Admission-Circular-www.result-jobs (2)

Dhaka-University-Admission-Circular-www.result-jobs (2)

This year, the application process for the admission of candidates through Dhaka University's 5th year undergraduate honors class online has started from 1: 8 pm on July 7 and ends on August 27.

The admission process was going on through the university website. This time the number of seats in 'A' unit is one thousand 1, two thousand 3 in 'B' unit, one thousand 25 in 'C' unit, one thousand 3 in 'D' unit and 'F' in unit. The total number of seats is 7 thousand 120.

As against the total number of 5,220 seats in the five units in the academic year, 5,212 candidates have applied online. Of them, 5 will compete in each seat in the C-unit.

In this constituency, 12 thousand 5 people have applied against one thousand 5 seats. In the B-unit, there will be 5 people against each seat. In this unit, 5,220 people have applied against the 2,900 seats.

In the G-Unit, 22 people will fight in each seat. In this unit, 25 thousand 5 people have applied against the 1,200 seats.

Meanwhile, 12 people will fight in each seat in the D-unit. In this unit, one lakh 3 people have applied against the 1,900 seats. Twenty-four thousand people have applied against the four seats in the Ch-unit.

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